At Chef's! Food & Drinks we do not only take care of our products, but also of our employees and guests. In order to guarantee the health of our guests and employees as well as possible, we apply the policy of the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM). Our service will therefore, in some ways, be different than you may be used to. We will make your stay as pleasant as possible, as you are used to expect from us.

Through our Chef's website we would like to inform you about the current situation.

How do you proceed with observing a distance of 1.5 meters?
Upon arrival at the restaurant, all guests are well informed about the general and hygiene measures in place.

At all Chef's locations, the restaurants are arranged in such a way that between the tables and walking routes 1.5 meters can be handled. Walking paths have been established for both staff and guests, so that no one risks running into each other or entering the 1.5-metre zone. 

The dishes and drinks will be brought to the table by a trolley. This way you can take it off the trolley yourself. Together we ensure that the 1.5 meter distance can be maintained.

How many people are allowed to sit at one table?
In the restaurants, the policy is that more than one person may sit at one table if they form a joint household. In addition, it is tolerated to sit at the same table with a maximum of 2 people, each from a different household. In accordance with local/regional measures, a different maximum number of people may be allowed. 

Is the use of protective equipment mandatory for guests and staff in your restaurant?
No, they are not mandatory. The restaurants always follow RIVM guidelines. If, of course, a guest feels comfortable wearing a non-medical mask or gloves, this is allowed. The staff wear gloves at all times and change them regularly. The corresponding hygienic guidelines are observed.

What further hygiene measures are you taking?
The restaurants ask you to inform them in advance if you have COVID-19 symptoms. This is to ensure that the health of guests and staff can be protected as well as possible. You can find more information about this at

The restaurants will perform a check for each guest through a number of questions.The restaurants may decide to deny access to guests based on the results of this questionnaire. More information about the protocols to be followed by the horeca industry can be found at

Our restaurants ask guests to observe the guidelines of the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) and the government. In addition, guests should wash their hands thoroughly before visiting the restaurant at all times.

Guests may also choose to use the disinfectants found at the various disinfection points in the restaurants.

The staff is extensively informed on a daily basis about the (possible updates about) measures.Also in the restaurants there is clearly visible communication about the measures taken.

What are the opening hours of your restaurants?
To book a table in one of the Chef's! restaurants, you can choose one of the two timeslots: 17:00 - 19:30 and 19:30 - 22:00. Tables are only available for guests who have booked in advance. This also applies to tables on our terraces. Book via the website or call the relevant location.

Do you also have pick-up and delivery service?
All Chef's! locations offer a Chef's! Take Away box. However, these can only be picked up at the locations in question. The Chefs! Take Away boxes are prepared in the restaurant, but the finishing touch is up to you. The recipe is also included, so you can be a real chef at home!

Are there possibilities to rent a meeting room?
At all Chef's! locations there are also meeting rooms available where all hygiene and distance measures are guaranteed. For more information it is best to contact the location in question.

What payment options are available at Chef's! Food & Drinks?
At all Chef's! locations it is only possible to pay electronically (by pin). The pin terminal is thoroughly disinfected after each use.